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Seville Boulevard Brim

on Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:39 am
Seville Boulevard Brim - Enclosed Strict Rules.

            Drug System.

The system we're trying to work at the moment is between two and three (if not more) posters.
By posters I mean, members that are given a corner to hold up and take an order.
The order is then passed from Poster 1 to Poster 2 who will run the money and the order to Poster 3.
Poster 3 will then supply the cash to Supplier. (Whichever Ragged/Affliated) Member is online.
Poster 3 will then give the drugs to Poster 2 to run back to Poster 1 on the corner with the customer.

I'm setting up a minimum of 5gs per customer, depending on how many times they've come before.
The reason being is that there is too many members constantly wanting drugs with no development.

             Gun System

At the moment we're caught within members taking it upon themselves to buy weapons and go and hit licks like it's normal.
We're been hustling and grinding for a good while now, but just recently we've been hitting up random factions to try and make a name.
So from now on the guns will be decided by MYSELF and EMMANUEL ONFROY. Guns are strictly forbidden to being shown/drawn infront of new members/lower ranked members unless caught lackin.
I've noticed a lot of you think a day of roleplay with us will grant you permission to shoot. You're wrong.

You will also need Weapon Permission within the faction which will be found on the private forums.

Any issues with the latest rules set in place, feel free to message me.

            In character driving/cars.

If your roleplaying a younger member of the Faction please explain to me why, at 14/15/16 your driving a car around the map.
You can't just rock up in a whip cause you had cash on LSRP, I want to see development of your characters rather than everybody been given shit with no roleplay.
I honestly don't understand this. If given keys by a older member with a development of Ownership of a vehicle then fair enough.
Till then, I want to see the development.
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