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Screenshot Editing Tutorial

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 4:57 pm
Screenshots play a vital role when it comes to a faction's presentation. Hence, we do not allow simply anyone to post on our thread. If you are new to editing screenshots and are seeking guidance then you may opt any of the twoscreenshot editing methods below:-

1. The photoshop method:- Probably the easiest and the cleanest one, with photoshop, you can extend your creativity to infinity. Here's a video guide from a fellow Los Santos Roleplay player - Keenan.
Another detailed guide can be found here:
Photoshop DL:

2. LSRP+ method:- Easier than the above method, this tool is efficient and quick. Here's a guide from another fellow Los Santos Roleplay player - Shadow Beats.

Some key things to keep in mind:-

1. All of us use a fixed width which is 900 pixels.
2. Always make sure your screenshots make sense, never go ahead and post senseless roleplay of you calling a mechanic.
3. Confine you screenshots to one scene. There is no need to post each screenshot of the same scene separately.
4. Avoid using a lot of text in your screenshots.
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