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on Wed Sep 13, 2017 10:16 pm

- No trolling or play to win behavior.
- Abide the LS-RP Ingame rules at all times.
- Higher ranked members have the right to FPK you or CK you depending on the situation.
- We don't want to see "Overnight OGs" who claim gang on the first day.
- Character development is key and recruitment is done IC no matter who you are.
- Death matching will not be tolerated and people with a "Shoot to kill" mentality will not get far in the faction.
- "Faction hopping" or roleplaying with multiple factions at once is not allowed whatsoever.
- Have some common courtesy, we don't want to see people /q from police situations and such, Roleplay at all times.

Make sure you have read and understood these rules before roleplaying with us. Failure to abide these rules will result in a FPK or a CK.
Please reply with "Read and understood" or "R&U".
Enjoy your roleplay here!
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